Our mission

Why we are here…

Our mission is to connect, encourage, and advance Christian communities and movements on college campuses and cities.

our vision

What we want to see…

Our vision is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ transform college campuses and cities around the world.

Our values

Core convictions that defines us…

Jesus: Jesus is our leader. We gather around His presence and teachings to make Him known. 

Prayer and Worship: Intimacy with the Father through prayer, song, meditation of scriptures, and intercession is the center of our mandate to enjoy the love of the Father and partner with Holy Spirit to see his Kingdom come. 

Family and Discipleship: We are committed to authentic and transparent communities of love and modeling lifestyles of encouraging, teaching, and empowering each other through discipleship and training. 

Evangelism/Missional Living: We live our lives on mission as image bearers of God's love and power. We are called to carry the love of Jesus and the revolutionary power of the gospel home and abroad.  

Campus/City Transformation: We have faith to see entire campuses and cities transformed by the love of Jesus. We are intentional about working with other campus ministries and local churches to see campuses and cities saturated with the love of Jesus and the power of the Gospel. 

Honor and Unity: We love unity because Jesus does. We champion the work of the local church and are intentional about building relationships among the young and old.