I remember a few years ago, when I was listening to preachers speak of the power of God, I thought to myself that I could not possibly do what they have done. I could not possibly live how they lived or believe how they believed. However, I couldn’t leave myself in a place of disbelief. I did not want to stay in disbelief especially because I hated seeing people suffer and not being able to do anything about it. This is probably why I found myself at a school that specializes in teaching about the supernatural power of God. It was this heart wrenching pain that was present due to my inability to see lives transformed that led to all of the healings and miracles that I’ve experienced now. However, in my early days of this journey I was missing something extremely vital that would empower me to walk in signs, wonders, and loving well. This thing I was missing was something that I couldn’t forge myself or create; it was something that had to be handed to me from someone else’s life.


“As a son or daughter of the King, you don’t pray for authority you pray from it,” said Bill Johnson as he was teaching our class one day. Then, he proceeded to share a story of praying for someone and commanding the pain to leave that person’s body. After he commanded the pain to leave, it did. But for me to do that…uhhh I don’t think so. Although my heart was burning through my chest to see that happen through me, I noticed a tangible gap between what he was doing and what I was. About a hundred rows of seats and a large stage in an auditorium that seats over 2000 people. Yeah. Gap.


But God. Always gotta love those “but God moments.” It just so happened that a friend of mine came up to me the very same day that Bill spoke. She approached me right at the end of the day, and we chatted for a brief few moments. As the conversation was beginning to come to end, she remarked that she has had pain in one of her knees. I asked her if I could pray for it. “Of course!” Was my response, although not thinking much would happen. Then I laid my hand on her knee and said, “In Jesus name, I command you to be healed and for all pain to leave.” Ooops. That wasn’t supposed to come out like that. Then, I started watching my friend walking around, jogging, and even jumping on her bad knee. There were two possibilities: either she liked antagonizing her pain or something good was ACTUALLY happening. She was pain free.  As the sheer joy and excitement started drawing itself over my friends face, there was a sense of awe and wonder as my friend began running in circles. The pain was gone. Free of a knee pain but moments she had before. As those words even began slowly creeping out of my own mouth, I knew that it was by grace that I even had spoken them. Those words were not me or something I have ever prayed before then. It was almost as if in that very moment of praying, I zoomed outside of myself as that prayer slipped out and thought, “Oh no Josh you aren’t praying that. Ohhh boy. What if this person doesn’t get healed. You will definitely look stupid. And they will walk away still as miserable and hopeless as they were before.” But by and through grace, grace spoke through me not only to heal the person in front of me, but to teach me power was something everyone could walk in.


This grace was a grace that was imparted (something given from one generation to another and/or taught from one person to another). It was stewarded and fought for. This grace was cherished. What Bill fought for himself personally, he taught and imparted freely to others. This story reflects the wisdom from the story of Isaac, Esau, and Jacob when it was time for Isaac to give his blessing to his eldest son. However, each son knew that when Isaac was going to declare his blessing it would radically shift the future of the son who it was spoken over. Now Jacob, through cunning, went to his blind father disguised as Esau and the father Isaac blessed and spoke words over the future of Jacob. Words! These simple utterances from the mouth of a forefather that had authority transformed Jacob from just a son to a person who would be later recognized as a nation! This is marvel! The marvel is that fathers and mothers have authority to transform children into nations. If the impartation of blessing is not passed on, it will be lost.


This is how families steward revival. Revival can happen when people who have fought for revival in the past, prophecy their blessing into the next generation. Many revivals have occurred throughout history, but how many can you name that were passed on through the next generation? Who knows, maybe your next prophetic blessing will transform the destiny of a person into a nation!


In conclusion, make sure to respond! Every message someone preaches that carries revelation invites us into a place of responding to Jesus. This is because revelation is the revealing of Jesus Himself. The challenge for us is to surround ourselves with leaders who believe in us more than we do. I want to invite you to do the following: Seek, Submit, and Serve. As you do this you will align yourself to with Heaven's mandate over your life. 


Written by Joshua Densmore, Ignite Movement